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October 7, 2015/

Malana-Epicenter of wild cannabis and an eccentric tribe Written by sreedev Tying up the bunch of cannabis After reaching Kasol we were planning to trek to Khirganga on the second day but unfortunately we got up too late next day. Then…


September 25, 2015/

Kasol – A trippy town in the lap of Parvathi valley Written by sreedev We left manali and started our drive to Kasol around 5. I’ve heard a lot about Kasol so I was pretty excited to visit that ecstatic town.…


September 1, 2015/

Workout is your only BFF* (Best friend forever) Written by sreedev Who all really think they don’t get enough time to work out daily. I was one amoung you guys two years before. It is really difficult to get up from…


August 8, 2015/

Being lone and lost in Nainital –Lake city Written by sreedev A perfect evening at my cottage with my book and coffee Travelling alone was always one of my bucket list item. I have been reading a lot about solo travelling…

Vagamon and Gavi

May 7, 2015/

A ride from half-friend to brotherhood Written by sreedev That was a lazy evening, I was having a forty-winks in my room(Delhi where I stayed unaided) cuddling with my laptop. I have a the problem of draining my time scrolling fb…


February 7, 2015/

Beating down your limits for a better life Written by sreedev I have always thought it would be really difficult for me to live in a room alone with no one around. No friends to talk, no people to party, no…


October 13, 2014/

Dhanushkodi-People call it Ghost town. I call it “A Red lettered hamlet”   Written by sreedev We reached Dhanushkodi in a tempo van. That was the place which I have always dreamt of. A beach with pure white sand, greenish-blue water and…


October 20, 2013/

Reading – An addiction you must achieve                                                      Written by sreedev I am not a frequent…

October 1, 2013/

Dotted days of my life. Written by Sreedev  I was a frequent participant in sports when I was in school days. Each year I waited for my sports day. Arts days were always boring for me since I hate to sing…


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