Best days.

Dotted days of my life.

Written by Sreedev
 I was a frequent participant in sports when I was in school days. Each year I waited for my sports day. Arts days were always boring for me since I hate to sing and dance when it comes formally. Sports days were the time I get pumped up and I find a cleft to show up. I was good at jumps and fast tracks. Long jump and 100m dash were my enduring sides till 10th and when I was getting started my 11th std, for the first time I tried the triple jump. Might be a synchronism, I got first and all those stood around where surprised when my reach was screamed out “Sreedev 9.8” which was a record at that time in my school. Even I was abrupted. That was the day I realised I got something in me. Ya one thing is for sure about my physique, my legs are longer than my upper body and that’s always a plus for me when it comes to triple jump which makes me odd from everyone.

One day  after I got this prize, one of my Physical education trainer came and told me to come for practice everyday. I started going for practice with my friends and I should say this was a turning point. “Sooraj sir- A man with muscle words and killing looks” was my coach in triple jump. He is the one who really inspired my, Made me bold, taught me discipline and to how a sports person should behave in his fields. I still respect him for what he made me. His training was like too bulky for me. Still I went everyday for practice, Even if I bunk the classes, at 5 I will be there in ground with my friends Sreekanth, Hari, Sreejith, Shamir and Aneesh. When I started 12th std I was almost practiced well and built enough for a tournament. I can still remember that day that I could make “10.3” in a jump which led me for the first prize in school meet and I got selected for south zone CBSE school meet a part of dream come true. After all my practice and sedulous work, I was able to make up to 12.3 when I was about to go for the south zone CBSE school meet.

And that days came ” South zone inter school Championship “. I was the person representing my school for the triple jump -That proud moment.

Sreekant 3000m
Sreejith 1500m
Myself Triple jump
Hari 100m dash
Shamir Long jump
Aneesh 400m

Day 1

We were in the ground watching the new people, students, new games, new practice modes. Was a real new experience for me to see all these because even if I was a frequent participant in all the sports days in my school, this was a whole new experience for me coz people came from every part of southern India for the tournament, So I got a lot to study and get inspired by students, coaches and others who came for the championship.

In day 1 Sreejith won the silver medal in 1500m. That was an astonishing and proud moment for me. At night we all slept in a classroom together, so we often keep talking till we go asleep and at that day sreejith got a medal, he was totally contented. I could feel a power in his words, a happiness and a satisfaction. Obviously, he should have all that because after all his handwork he got that. Unfortunately, I was not happy that day it’s not because I was evil-eyed. Its because the next day was my event and I was like insomniacs. That night I thought if I could get a medal in my event how happy I will be. I was so eager to get the feel that sreejith was having at that night. Actually, it was my propellers to push me forward. I always think of the rewards that are going to get when I succeed and I don’t care if I lose. I think that’s one of my positive sides.

Day 2

I was ready in my tracks with spikes. I went to my pitch in the morning when I was there long jump was going on and Shamir was waiting for his number to be called. At that point in time, I got nothing in my veins, I was just focused on my event. The afternoon is my event. It was almost 2 when triple jump started and it was my turn to get my body warmed up well. Under 19 Boys triple jump list came and I was the 4th participant in the queue. All those who came to participate with me were big aged muscle packs. Let me be straight I was a bit disturbed when I saw them, still, I didn’t let my hope go. I was so focused coz I really want to have the feel that sreejith was through last night. My name called for my first jump, I took my steps and marked my starting point. At starting point, I Just closed my eyes, touched the ground and kissed my fingers(Prayers as always). With all my power I took my first hope step and jump and I covered 11.2. Actually, I was depressed with my first jump. After the full cycle, my second jump was up, I had put little more power to my legs during my second jump, sometimes over-focus may fling out the calculation. Unfortunately, I fouled my second jump. Suraj sir came to me an told to relax, be cool and just be in focus. 

The third jump I was prepared enough with my mindset and was waiting for my call. They called my name for the third jump, Unexpectedly I covered 11.8 in my last try and I was almost satisfied because it’s not my home pitch still I could make this up. Then I, friends and my coach were waiting for the scoreboard to be up. And when names came up I got the moment of my life. Dream come true…

I got Bronze for the Triple jump. I was extremely happy, my friends took me on their shoulders and ran around the pitch. I was so proud that After 14 years spending all my life in that school I could do something in return. That moment when I was in the shoulders of my friends I still remember, Goosebumps and my eyes were wet. That was a moment I could never forget in my life. So dotted.

And after my 12th exams, vacation started and I don’t want to tell you in detail about this tragedy. I got my shoulders dislocated while playing and I stopped going for tournaments and matches which was completely restricted for me as per doctors advise.

I Realised, those were the moments I could never forget in my life. All those cheers, goosebumps when winning, satisfaction when our team works together, I miss everything. Sometimes we never realise the value of the moments passing through. The situation may come with tensions, Happiness, Sadness, Depressions or any other innervation you can’t stand with, don’t ever run away. Feel it understand it. Sometime those will be the moments which make your eyes wet with a smile after years. Chak de, bhag milka bhag, Goal are the movies which can still make me cry, smile and inspire. I really miss my spikes and my synthetic tracks. Thanks, suraj sir,Ayappa sir, Sreejith, Sreekath, Shamir, Aneesh and all those who were with me in that golden memoris of my life.
I always miss my school sports life ….


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