Neemrana, Rajasthan – A Royal getaway

Written by Sreedev

After couple of hectic weeks, I was looking forward for a break. Surprisingly the only mallu team I got here in Delhi called up, asking me about planning a one day trip. As usual we starting googling for a best places around Delhi. After googling 2 3 days we decided to ride to Neemrana, Rajasthan. Neemrana is a place which is located 130 km away from Delhi within Alwar district of Rajasthan. It comes between Delhi –Jaipur highway(NH 8). This place is mainly famous for the fort which was built in 1464 by the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan III. Neemrana Hotels group had taken over the whole fort and refurbished to a 5 star hotel providing a royal hospitality for the tourists. India’s first zip line is another attraction here which was installed here by Flying fox, a reputed International adventure sports company and its still functioning. There are 5 zip lines over the fort which is one out of four of their longest zip lines around the globe.

We started from Delhi at morning 9. We initially took the wrong route wasting around 1 hour near the IGI Airport. Then the Google maps took us to the right route. We took around 3 breaks in between in which one was at Dhaba for having breakfast. I was expecting a pretty good distance but the ride was short and we reached very quickly. From the main highway a small Aisle through the village lead us to the entrance to the fort. I was so skeptical about the route when I saw the ambiance of the village but vaporising my puzzling thoughts we the boar on the entrance “Neemrana“. Innumerate courtyards, Towers and corridors started fascinating us with the architectural marvel of 14th century. The whole fort has been enhanced by the hotel without disturbing the beauty of ancient architecture. The waiters were very helpful and they provided us with a best hospitality. In Rajasthan, no question arises about the hospitality for visitors, It’s just ROYAL.

Zipping through one of the world’s longest zip line was the highlight of our plan. But this place was waiting for us with a better offer. The majestic feel of sun baked terrains and the astonishing architectural beauty of the fort. The slot for zipping should be booked prior with Flying fox online which we have already booked(Rs 1250 per head). We reached the fort at 12 noon and our slot was at 2 pm.  So we were having 2 hours to roam around the court, explore and make the best out of its scenic view of hillocks. The whole place was so silent and the number of tourist were also very less. Most of the tourist are foreigner’s and delhites. The fort is made in 11 layers on a hillock. There are 2 swimming pools on 2 levels. Foreigners were enjoying their swim when we reached the poolside. Many old age people were meditating under small mahals and foreigners were doing Yoga inside the fort and the place was so peaceful and naturalistic. Balconies were decorated with lots of flowers and it was green all around. Since chairs and table were placed everywhere, the visitors will feel so homely and comfortable. From the top we were able to see unevenly spread grassland till the horizons meeting the skies. The vista was ecstatically blowing up our mind. All these nooks, crannies, vine coloured walls and huge wooden doors kicked us with intense royalty.


It was around two and our slot came up for zipping. We reported the office of Flying fox inside the fort. Our guide gave us the instructions and told us to gear up for zipping. The zip line starts from the top of the hillock where the fort is build. There is a mini trekking of about 20 minutes(750 meters) which is a bit tiring. Taking 2 3 breaks in between our guide took us to the top of the hillock. On the top they gave us a 5 minutes crash course about the signals which should be used to communicate with the guide in between zipping. There is a baby zip line on the top were they train us how to do it. After that training we got ready to zip down over the fort. This was my first experience and it was really mind chilling experience. It’s not scary but it’s very interesting and blood pumping. When I was zipping down over the fort I was able  to record the complete beauty of the fort in detail. On the initial zip lines I was enjoying the slide down but after that I was just looking around and fetching up the exotic beauty of fort and the view. Localities of the village were roaming all around the hillock with pan and bidi(rolled Tobacco) in their hand puffing and chewing, even they were recording videos with their phone when we were zipping down. It was around 5 when we finished 5 zip lines and the appetite was hitting us too hard. Food, drinks and rooms are also available in hotel but since our plan was to head back to Delhi on the same day, we took the food on the way back. They was a superb hotel as we entered the highway from Neemrana. They served us with a good bunch of delicious food in a convincing price vanishing our appetite. Then we resumed our ride and reached back Delhi around night at 7.

At night

In my experience Neemrana is a beautiful place for couples than singles. Nobody thinks of such offbeat places for their honeymoon or a break from their mainstream routine. But this place holds lot many stuff to offer for couples visiting this place. After 6 the blue skies, twinkling starts, yellow decorating lights, Slow music, candles, reflecting pools, pint beers and delicious food drags down the whole place to a romantic ambiance cuffing the soul of couples in a heavenly hamlet. Apart from all these, privacy is just another luxury at this place. No one will bother you for any reason. I strongly suggest one night stay in this place for those who are visiting and for couples I strongly recommend.

View from the top
Note: Better avoid visiting this place on summers since it’s in Rajasthan. This place will be so hot and humid at that time. Air conditioners are available but you won’t be able to enjoy the exotic view outside the fort.


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