Workout is your only BFF*
(Best friend forever)
Written by sreedev
Who all really think they don’t get enough time to work out daily. I was one amoung you guys two years before. It is really difficult to get up from bed and start working out. There was always that lame reason “out of time” which I always give out to stay lazy. Seriously? Don’t we have sufficient time for workout?

When I was staying alone in Delhi, It was my hobby to motivate myself with Rocky series. Since I was alone, I was having lots of time to stimulate my thoughts over anything and everything around me. My level of fitness started to haunt me like anything. At that time I decided to start work out for 30 minutes daily. I push myself to get me out of bed at mornings and motivate myself to do it. I was able to continue for one month, Since then I am doing workout in a daily manner taking off one day a week. Nowadays nothing can stop me from atleast 45 minutes of workout everyday added some good music. When I am done with workout I will be sweaty, torn off and winded but it does a lots to me mentally and physically making me feel strong.
From my experience of doing workout I understood there are surprising ways the workout can help you live better and makes you a better person. Here I am bulleting down how it helped me to live better.
  • There are very hard days which we had to come through. Workout pulls you out of any type of depression. Doing a 45 min workout or a 5km walk can really help you come out of any type of depression. 5km walk is one of the best comeback’s for me whenever I am depressed.
    A freezing morning at Delhi in between warming up!

  • Workout makes you highly confident and it make you think you are cool just because you are doing workout.
  • You will never have a unproductive day. Workout will be the most productive thing you can do.
  • It will increase your immune and keep you away from disease, I know this is a mainstream point but it actually do.
  • If you are more used to alcohol and smoking, workouts will really help you to stop the addiction towards it.
  • If you are doing a desk job, there are high chances for getting afftected with back pain and joint pains. Workout will help you to get over it. 

From my experience.
When you begin to work out after a long break.
  • Never give over-strained starting. Give body some time to get used to the pressure.
  • A good jog is best to start with. 
  • There are no perfect slot for workout, you can do it anytime you want.
  • Try doing it 3 days alternately in a week. It will help you train and make your body ready for heavy one’s and also it will help you make a habit of maintaining the schedule.
  • While doing workout don’t mug up water, try to hydrate it sipping .
  • Make sure you sweat out well when you do light workout or jogging.
  • Try to make a slot at morning which help you to refresh your mind.
  • Try to do maximum cardio workouts like pushup, sit-ups, pull-ups, crunches etc and make sure your whole body is equally worked out.        

Once you are used to beginner Cycle.
  • Decide whether you need muscle training or Just need to maintain the fitness. I am a person who work out just for maintaining fitness.
  • If you are looking for muscle training, better join a Gym so that you can have all the machines. If you need fitness, just stick to cardio workouts and just make it intense according to your needs.
  • I don’t suggest to take artficial protein’s, I don’t have anything against it but still it is better to keep your body naturally fit.                                    
Hardly 45 minute is enough to give your body an intense workout and have a good sweat out. If you really think you don’t have time to take 45 min every day, then I feel sorry for those people because you are absolutly missing some o fun part of your life. It’s easy to cover your laziness with lame excuses, it’s not going to help you or your body either. If you can eat, run, walk and exercise you are one of the most luckiest people in the world so try to make the most out of it. You will really love the feeling that you are taking care of your body. From all the positive sides I have experienced, workout is your only Best Friend Forever. Nobody is going to help you like workout do.

“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger


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