Cabinteely Park

Cabinteely Park, Ireland – Green meadows where zephyr whirls around

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Cabinteely Park
A lady with her dog in my backdrop!!
Cabinteely is a small town located  along side of bray road in Dublin. There  is a park located in the heart of this town. A wide open space with lovely green meadows all around with well tarred roads, a pond and a church. I was in an official visit in Dublin and my office was in Cabinteely near this park. I spotted this park on my second day   while I was doing my noon-walk after my lunch(Chicken-lamp sandwich and coffee). This park struck me surprisingly when I was sauntering through the sideways of road. Devoid of gaggle, this place appeared so attractive and peaceful to me.

Cabinteely Park
Withered trees
I walked in through the tall gates which one was kept open. No one around, I felt absurd, but I kept exploring in. The entrance of the park welcomed me  with three roads perpendicularly splitting to three directions, Left, right and one straight. The road to left leads to woods filled with rotten bushes and groves withered in the winter frost. I don’t know its because I watch a lot of hollywood movies, walking through this road leaves me in vibes of horror. Rusty seesaw, slides and merry go-round and spin amidst rotten bushes and mosses covered trees. These rides makes that erring sound when the zephyr passes on. I always stay away from this path to my best. There is an arm-chair which is placed at the starting of this road which give a better wide angle view of the whole park including the church and the pond. I usually sit there and have my sandwich and coffee(Lunch). The view from that arm chair is something which I want to have it every day and that view never bores me. Since Dublin is near Black sea a frequent zephyr will always whirl around. At times these zephyr wear the gusty attire and rushes in unexpectedly, even at those times I used to hold my coffee cup tight between my thighs and have my sandwich holding with both my hands sitting in that arm chair. But I won’t spare to miss the sit in that armchair.
Cabinteely Park
A little guy playing with ducks and albatross
The straight road goes alongside of a pond and leads to a Church which is at a distance of 400-500m from the entrance. That Christian church was built in early ages, I don’t know the exact century but its English Christian architecture clearly reflects its age. I never got a chance to go inside and have look,so nil idea about how the nave of that church looks like but the facade has two elevated cone shaped roofs. Whenever I take this path, there will be a mass of albatross and duck swimming in or walking through the verges of the pond. Arm chairs were mounted around it and I always get to see some golden-ages feeding these birds with the grains they bring with. May be that’s the reason these birds always hang around this pond. I feels like to join them, but because of not having anything in my hand for those birds, I hesitate to show up. The road which leads to the right from the entrance has nothing along but it stretches around the wavy green meadows. I am pretty sure these roads will have a meeting place somewhere on the back of this park. I never got enough time to go round all the way since I visit this park at my lunch timings, I regret.

Cabinteely Park
Wavy green meadows
The wide angle view from the entrance is mind blowing with green meadows, church and white albatross flying around. Mostly people visit this park to sweat a bucket, in a cold country like Ireland it’s very important. If you are lucky enough, you would meet some pretty Irish ladies jogging with their tiny dangling dogs tagged up with them . I can only relate this place to a space perfect to meditate or contemplate. The ambiance of this place will loose out anyone from the consciousness of time and make them absolutely eternal. May be you will find this park in marathon or cycling websites but not in lime light. None will find this place in any of those mainstream Ireland itineraries. There are many other parks in Ireland huger and greener than Cabinteely park. Like Phoenix park, which I visited on my last day in Ireland. The size of park in Pheonix has no comparison with the one in Cabinteely, its such huge. But Cabinteely park would win the run for its solitude, calmness and its middling human presence. This place has won my love with it.

Cabinteely Park
View of entrance from the bridge near the church


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