Vagamon and Gavi

A ride from half-friend to brotherhood

Written by sreedev

That was a lazy evening, I was having a forty-winks in my room(Delhi where I stayed unaided) cuddling with my laptop. I have a the problem of draining my time scrolling fb feeds up and down, I guess nowadays most of the teens does suffer from this. A person was always in my radar, his posts and updates were almost similar to my interests and thoughts. I wonder how social media helps us to understand the people around us. We have chatted many times and he was one of my school mates who was my junior. We hardly know each other. But I always felt that somewhere our thought process were intersecting. I pinged him and we had a chit chat for around 10 min, after that I asked him whether we can go for a ride when I go to kerala. That was a deliberate take from my side with two intentions 1) For giving my RE350 a virgin ride and 2) To know more about him. He was also a ride freak as far as I knew. He replied that he is on for the ride and he added that he was also bored of 9 to 5 routine and he also needed a split from it.

Between my date of travel to kerala we outlined the routes and places to visit in Vagamon. I came to kerala on 2 April 15 and the planned the ride on 4 April 15. Since I reached I didn’t recieve any call or chat from him. I have his number which I got through fb but I was so hesitated to call him. I guess that’s a outset dillema that everyone experience when they call a person for first time after exchanging the number through virtual world, that first call dillema. I was getting in to doubt whether the ride plan is zapped. I was hanging out with my friends as usual on 3 April 15 night. Time was runnig out as the planned ride was on 4 April 15. I took my gutsto jump over my ego and call him, then everything was cool and smooth. We rode to Vagamon(Place in kerala, India) and came back. 

On the way to Pine forest
I hardly knew him when we started the ride. After talking to him I realised our passions were same. I remember when we were chatting through fb he asked me whether I am Leo like he already know’s that. I never expected that question from him and then he said its not our problem, but its because of our stars we posses these same restless thought’s running in our little brain! I never say we are same in all the ways. His interests are different from mine. But I am really surprised to see a person with same passions and restlessness as I have. Even when we talk about random subjects at Vagamon, our conversations had same wavelengths without turbulence. 

I am deliberately not mentioning the name of the person here because I would like to spot light the situation.

Break between the ride at Vagamon
Never hesitate to talk to strangers. You will never know whom they will be like until you take your guts to talk to them. Its a rare scenario in the world that you will see people with same interests, thoughts and passions as yours. I won’t say you always fall in great experiences talking to strangers but don’t get demotivated by that. If you are hit with any negative experiences, learn from it and keep interacting with more people. I try to keep myself extrovert even if its difficult. That makes my life easier and helps me learn more. I believe that’s what made this half-friend a brother to me.

William Butler Yeats


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